What Shall I Value Today?

Since the beginning of time mankind has always placed a very strong emphasis on wealth and status. The more wealth and material things people have society seems to place them in a higher status because of the acquisition of material things.  Therefore, some men and woman make their life goal to obtain as much as possible. Whether this be simply for comforts or to obtain power over others.

While our government spends money we do not have, inflation continues to rise affecting the average man and woman. Our households struggle to make ends meet as many men and women now have 2 jobs in order to provide for their families. This morning I want to ask you a simple question…. “What Shall I Value Today”  Do you think that winning the lottery will solve your problems. Many might even joke to themselves and say, well it certainly wouldn’t hurt. The key to this statement is, where do you place your trust, and what shall I value today?