How are we to live in perilous days?

Have you ever noticed that when a tornado warning is happening that there are alerts. For instance, out west they have tornado sirens that go off. The siren or alarm goes off to warn people of the imminent threat of a storm or tornado. Even now, on our phones there is a warning that will go off if a tornado has been spotted in the area in which we live are currently located. These alarms are to warn you of the danger ahead. WE all know the destructive power of a tornado, some of you may have actually experienced one yourselves.


This morning we are going to look at 2 Tim ChapterĀ  3 as Paul gives timothy a warning of what is to come and how to handle the situation. Paul speaks of men and there pure selfish evil ways. This morning I want to show you from the word of God how we are to live in perilous days.