God’s Plan For Humanity

God does not go back on His promises…. EVER…. God’s promises in scripture are called prophecies. This is where God has told a prophet what is going to happen or what He is going to do and God ALWAYS, ALWAYS fulfills His promises.

To understand how this can be we most first understand that God is Sovereign over all! That is eternity past God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit had made a way for man’s redemption from sin.  That in the beginning when God created and spoke all into existence, that was not the beginning for God. God is eternal being. Sovereign over all creation. God is outside of time. WE look at time in a linear way being a human. This date, to that date. God is not inside of time but outside of time and He sees the beginning from the end. He see the birth of the Son of God at the same time He see Jesus on the cross..